This book shows college students how to be a success and how to avoid the pitfalls of collegiate life.


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The Secret to College Success

Note: The Secret to College Success has been selected as a Finalist in the USA Book News Book Award!

What is the secret to college success? Bruce Gibbs knows it. As a college instructor he saw students who graduated successful and others who didn't. Successful students follow a pattern. It is a pattern that, if followed, can help you or your student be successful. The book, The Secret to College Success, has received rave reviews. Look below to see what people are saying about the book.

Here's what People are Saying about the Book

"Bruce Gibbs' new book tells prospective students and current students, in very specific terms, how to navigate the path to success in college. I highly recommend the book to any student who is willing to convert the natural anxiety of the early college years into practical actions....if followed, the advice Bruce offers will lead to higher achievements and a more satisfactory college experience." Karin S. Ash, Director, Cornell University Career Services

"A simple guide to some rather complex issues confronted by college students today." Sue Wasiolek, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Duke University

"Mr. Gibbs' book is an excellent reference for any perspective college student. It gives insight on many things that many students are not knowledgeable about or fail to take advantage of until it is too late. I recommend this book to all perspective and first year college students." Akesha Williams, Student, University of Michigan

"Gibbs' short, smart, helpful book is what every parent of a college student would want their son or daughter to consider. It is sensible advice about how to deal with the pressures and possibilities of college--from the risks of credit cards to the worth of punctual class attendance. It beats Ann Landers at sensible advice giving without moralistic cant." Ted Marmor, Professor, Yale School of Management

"This book is an easy read with timeless advice all college students should know." Eileen Deng, Student, UC Berkeley

"As a parent with a freshman in college 3000 miles from home, I find Bruce's book to be enlightening, comforting and useful. Things have changed so much since I was in college, the new perspective is much needed." Shelley M. Ferrand, parent of Stanford University student

"Reading Bruce Gibbs' book brought back many memories of my college experience. I wished I had such a guide during my college years. His book is right on point!" Fadrika Prather, Graduate, Talladega College

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